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Welcome to De Jong Plant BV

De Jong Plant B.V. has been specializing itself in the cultivation and development of hydrangea since 1988. We also supply other species such as Lavatera, Malva, Paeonia and Syringa. Our company of 12 hectare with experienced personnel, both national and international clientele and an always evolving product line has developed into a professional company within the ornamental horticulture. Our current supply- including our exclusive ‘Magical’ series- is always available on our website.

Hydrangea macr. Magical Ruby Tuesday® as novelty at Plantarium 2015

Plantarium 2015 will start this year on the 26st of august and like every year will be the announcement on wednesday which new novelties will win the medals. After winning the golden medal with the Hydrangea macr. Music Collection Deep Purple Dance® in 2014, will De Jong Plant B.V. add again a new product for the coming fair. The brand new Hydrangea macr. Magical Ruby Tuesday® have splendid deep red globular blooms flecked with black and green and its extended flowering season. Hydrangea Magical Ruby Tuesday® is a welcome addition to the Magical® Four Seasons range.
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday